Stripe vs Shopify Payments

Here my 2 cents !

Stripe was looking for 6,5 B$ from investors and we know that the company was valued at 50 B$ from 95 B$ a few months ago. Stripe has a GMV of 350 B$ (Gross Merchandise Value or the value of goods sold via customer to customer or via e-commerce platforms).

Shopify Payments which is one of the activities of Shopify (valued 55 B$) has a GMV of 106 B$.

It seems that Stripe is taking a 2,9% fee per payment and Shopify Payments a 1,5% fee in US  and 2% in all others countries.

It's interesting to have a look at those two activities and imagine what would be those two companies in 15 years. PayPal has a 40% market share, Stripe around 20% and Shopify Payments around 13%...But it seems that Twitter wants also to penetrate this market. Elon Musk who was - many years ago - the CEO of Paypal has the legitimacy to compete with those five companies. 

My guess ? Unless Stripe makes a partnership it seems that in 15 years the next payment system by twitter and the Shopify payments will be the leaders. That's my 2 cents !


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