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Le point commun entre Tesla et Amazon : réduire les prix pour augmenter les ventes

L'action Tesla et l'action Amazon en bourse : quels points communs ?

Tesla et Amazon ont le même objectif : réduire les prix pour augmenter les ventes en volume...

Et pour Tesla, réduire les prix implique forcément d'optimiser les coûts de production, et faire baisser au maximum son point mort pour attaquer de front la concurrence.

(N'est-ce pas ce qui est en train de se passer avec SpaceX qui parvient à réutiliser son lanceur de fusée ?) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sX1Y2JMK6g8


- Elon Musk - en conférence call - au T2 2020 :

" We need to, you know, not go bankrupt, obviously, that’s important…But we’re not trying to be super profitable, either…I think just we want to be like slightly profitable and maximize growth and make the cars as affordable as possible." 

- Elon Musk - en conférence call - au T3-2020

"We want to make our cars more affordable, and it's really important to separate out affordability from value for money. If the car is too expensive or any given product is too expensive, and people don't have enough money in their bank account, they simply can't buy it no matter what the value proposition is. So it is important to lower the prices in order to — such that people can literally just have enough money to buy it. I do not think we lack for desire for our product, but we do lack for affordability.

And so we have to improve the affordability of our products so they are not out of reach of people. We want to bring them more in reach over time but also improve our cost of production. Obviously, we get hopefully a little bit better every year, sometimes a lot better. "

-  Jeff Bezos - dans sa lettre aux investisseur - en 2005 :

"As our shareholders know, we have made a decision to continuously and significantly lower prices for customers year after year as our efficiency and scale make it possible. This is an example of a very important decision that cannot be made in a math-based way. In fact, when we lower prices, we go against the math that we can do, which always says that the smart move is to raise prices. We have significant data related to price elasticity. With fair accuracy, we can predict that a price reduction of a certain percentage will result in an increase in units sold of a certain percentage. With rare exceptions, the volume increase in the short-term is never enough to pay for the price decease. However, our quantitative understanding of elasticity is short term. We can estimate what a price reduction will do this week and this quarter. But we cannot numerically estimate the effect that consistently lowering prices will have on our business over five years or ten years. Our judgment is that relentlessly returning efficiency improvements and scale economies to customers in the form of lower prices creates a virtuous cycle that leads over the long-term to a much larger dollar amount of free cash flow, and thereby to a much more valuable Amazon.com. We have made similar judgments around Free Super Saver Shipping and Amazon Prime, both of which are expensive in the short term and – we believe – important and valuable in the long term."




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